about Amit

A man obsessed with Online Marketing… in a good way!

Amit Parsotam

My Expertise

Even as my days were busy contracting, I also fit in many of my other entrepreneurial interests, including but not limited to:

Ecommerce Funnels – with direct shipping from China. So using Chinese supplier sites/agencies and navigating through its pitfalls.

Affiliate Marketing, which included building Quiz Funnels, Landing Pages.

Lead Generation.

Blogging, SEO, WordPress & tools.

Running Ad campaigns on Facebook & Google.

Email marketing for various use cases like induction sequences, retargeting campaigns and newsletters. This also included using the tools to achieve this, such as autoresponders and SMTP providers.

Video editing for ads/social media.

Marketing strategies for various business types.

The inclusion of AI into everyday workflows.

How it Started…

I’ve always been interested in the digital space.

As far back as I can remember, digital design and the written word have consumed me. The way a line of text or a carefully crafted arrangement of images can persuade or dis-wade someone from taking a particular action. 

Although my childhood comprised a lot of video gaming, the types of games I leaned towards were always heavily narrative based.

Some stories which could even rival some of today’s hit TV shows.

This spurred my interest in writing and eventually I would combine my love of the digital and writing into a single medium, internet marketing!

Professional Experience

I began my first digital role as an all-round web designer for an insurance company.

My role comprised pretty much everything related to the company’s digital output, from their website to marketing collateral. 

It was an intense first experience as not being exposed to this level of workload built a mind muscle which would prove extremely useful in the future.

Unfortunately, during my time at this company, a tragedy occurred with my manager who suddenly passed away.

The company would then decide to move their design and marketing department elsewhere in the country, which meant choosing to leave my role.

Admittedly, this decision came at a time where I was getting a feeling of dissatisfaction from my job and I soon realised it’s because I had the entrepreneurial itch!

From here onwards, I worked for myself and this journey took me to many high-profile marketing and advertising agencies in London. 

From huge agencies, which comprised hundreds of employees, to small boutique agencies with only a handful of people at the helm. I gained and absorbed more experience in a few short years than I ever could in a 9-5.

The projects I became involved with were varied in scale and always different in nature.

I would design advertisements for Rolex while creating copy for small independent brands.

The area of my digital experience increased to include SEO and task automation as well.

The Present

I now offer select services to clients while building educational articles for anyone to read and take advantage of.

This blog was created to provide anyone with the necessary knowledge and resources to succeed in the online world.

Whether you’re a marketer or freelancer, I have the experience and expertise to help you reach your goals.

Here, you’ll find strategies, tactics, and tools to help you become successful online.

P.S. If you are interested in getting in touch with me, go here.