Creating effective video advertising is challenging. Brands need compelling motion graphics to capture limited consumer attention spans amid constant digital distraction. However, producing quality motion graphic ads requires substantial time, money and expertise.

Static images simply fail to cut through the noise. Consumers tune out boring content quickly. Brands need captivating motion design to visually engage modern audiences across devices. Yet many lack the creative digital capabilities to develop high-impact animated ads internally.

Leveraging expertly crafted advertising motion graphics is the answer. Motion graphic ads combine graphic design, animation and kinetic typography to tell compelling brand stories, explain products, and highlight promotions. This post showcases 9 outstanding examples of motion graphics done right to inspire your next video marketing campaign. Discover why incorporating motion design should be central to your digital strategy in 2024.

List of Best Advertising Motion Graphics Examples:

1. Creattie
2. Porsche
3. NEXT Insurance
4. Corcoran Hamptons
5. Chase Bank
6. Mailchimp
7. Starks Law
8. Big Rock
9. Nat Geo & Hershey’s

Why Use Motion Graphics in Your Marketing Strategy?

Incorporating the use of motion graphics. motion graphic videos should be a priority in your 2024 marketing plans. Motion graphics combine animated text, graphics, illustrations and video to captivate modern audiences. Motion design offers numerous benefits compared to static creative.

The Impact of Motion Graphic Videos on Brand Awareness

Motion graphics are highly effective in raising brand awareness and visibility. The dynamic visual storytelling stands out in crowded news feeds. Viewers engage at higher rates with motion content across devices. Studies show motion graphics lift brand recall by up to 80% compared to static ads.

Animated explainers and video ads also drive discovery. Audiences better understand and remember your brand when consumed via motion graphics. The average viewer keeps 95% of a message when watched in animated video format.

How Motion Design Enhances Product or Service Presentation

Motion graphics are extremely versatile for showcasing products and services. The animated medium simplifies complex details through dynamic visuals and kinetic text. Viewers better grasp intricate concepts or technical specifications brought to life in motion.

Whether an animated commercial, social media spot or explainer video, motion design excels at demonstration. Brands distill even sophisticated offerings down to engaging motion graphic stories. This visual medium helps connect with audiences across education levels.

Incorporating exceptional motion graphic advertising examples into your digital strategy is essential today. The creative motion design captures attention while communicating brand messaging with impact.

Top 9 Examples of Advertising Motion Graphics

1. Creattie

A 15-second video for an IT company that uses bright colors, bold graphics, and effective transitions to quickly communicate the key message and value proposition.

2. Porsche

A 30-second ad that takes viewers through the evolution of the Porsche with incredible animated imagery, laid-back voiceover, and upbeat music to highlight the thrill of driving a Porsche.

3. NEXT Insurance

An animated commercial that explains the NEXT’s insurance product offering in a fun, engaging way using quirky illustrated characters to appeal to small business owners.

4. Corcoran Hamptons

This Corcoran real estate ad showcasing luxury New York City properties through quick cuts, bold text, and bright colors that capture attention on social media.

5. Chase Bank

An ad introducing a new Chase Bank youth banking card that uses cute characters, playful animations and upbeat music to promote the card’s features.

6. Mailchimp

An animated video with different illustrated characters representing various businesses to demonstrate how Mailchimp’s platform can benefit any type of business.

7. Starks Law

A Starks Law real estate ad that generates urgency through bold graphics and text combined with a ticking sound effect to compel viewers to take action.

8. Big Rock

An ad where morphing graphic elements aptly represent the domain name and web hosting services offered by Big Rock.

9. Nat Geo & Hershey’s

A heartwarming Mother’s Day ad combining vibrant nature imagery, smooth scene transitions and an emotional soundtrack to showcase Hershey’s Kisses.

The Benefits of Motion Graphics in Content and Video Marketing

Incorporating exceptional motion graphics into your content and video marketing unlocks many benefits. Let’s analyze the top advantages of leveraging motion design across formats.

Boosting Engagement on Social Media Platforms with Motion Graphics

Motion graphics excel at captivating audiences on social media. The animated visuals stand out in busy feeds to capture attention. Viewers engage at much higher rates with motion posts across platforms. Just scroll any feed to see stellar examples of brands creatively using motion design in their social content.

In fact, video posts with motion graphics see 30% more engagement on average. The dynamic movement compels viewers to stay watching longer. This increased engagement also lifts content reach organically.

Using Animated Graphics to Simplify Complex Messages

Motion design provides a versatile way to simply explain complex products or services. The animated format lets you show technical details through dynamic graphics and text. Rather than walls of copy, motion graphics bring complex data to life.

For example, SaaS companies use short animated videos to showcase complicated software capabilities. The motion medium appeals to visual learners by showing rather than telling.

How Video Content with Motion Graphics Improves Conversions

Motion graphics optimize video content for higher conversions across formats. Product demo videos, commercials, tutorials, testimonials and more all see lifts with motion design.

Viewers better understand value propositions through the visual medium. Motion keeps them engaged for full videos at higher rates. This drives more conversions from calls-to-action integrated into motion graphic videos.

Motion design offers numerous content marketing advantages. It captivates audiences, simplifies messages and improves conversions.

Types of Motion Graphics Used in Effective Advertising

There is an extensive range of motion graphics leveraged across modern marketing campaigns. Let’s explore the spectrum and top examples of awesome motion graphic examples.

From Explainer Videos to Animated Ads: The Spectrum of Motion Graphics

Explainer VideosShort animated videos explaining products, services or concepts.SaaS Product Demo
CommercialsBrand video ads showcasing products with motion design.Porsche Evolution Ad
Social Media SpotsShort motion graphics clips optimized for social feeds.Financial Brand Spot
Animated LogoMotion logo reveal videos that uniquely showcase brand identity.Morphing Logo

As shown in the table, motion graphics span short social spots to long-form explainer videos and everything in between.

The Role of Animation and Graphic Design in Motion Graphics

Motion design fuses animation and graphic design to bring visuals to life. The illustrative style, characters, color scheme and overall visual identity is determined by graphic designers. Animators then make these graphics move seamlessly through frame-by-frame video.

It takes extensive expertise in both disciplines to develop exceptional motion graphics that captivate and educate audiences. The most compelling examples combine strong graphic design with smooth, well-timed animations.

How Different Industries Leverage Motion Graphic Videos for Ads

Leading brands across industries creatively leverage motion graphics for video advertising. For example:

  • Technology brands use animated explainers to showcase complex software and apps.
  • Consumer products rely on motion design to demonstrate tangible benefits.
  • Automotive companies produce thrilling motion videos to highlight superb driving capabilities.
  • Financial institutions explain intricate services through friendly motion characters.

Motion graphics provide a versatile visual medium for marketers across sectors. The creative motion design makes retention and comprehension easy for modern audiences.

Crafting Your Own Motion Graphic Ad: Tips and Best Practices

Ready to produce your own exceptional motion graphic ad? Follow these pro tips for motion design success.

Key Elements of a Successful Motion Graphic Design

Every impactful motion graphic video shares common elements:

  • Concise script – Clearly outline the key messages upfront.
  • Captivating visuals – Use eye-catching illustrations, graphics and color schemes.
  • Smooth animations – Ensure seamless transitions between scenes.
  • Upbeat music – Choose an energetic, relevant soundtrack.

Align these core elements to craft compelling motion stories that engage viewers from start to finish, serving as great motion graphics examples to inspire.

Planning and Executing Your Motion Graphic Video Production

Producing motion graphics requires extensive planning and expert execution:

  1. Conceptualize – Brainstorm creative concepts aligned to campaign goals.
  2. Storyboard – Map out detailed visual sequences with a storyboard.
  3. Design assets – Create all graphic elements and illustrations needed.
  4. Animate – Bring scenes to life through smooth frame-by-frame animations.
  5. Score – Add an impactful music track fitting the concept.

Work with specialized motion design teams to bring your video ad vision to reality with exceptional motion graphics.

Inspiring Examples of the Best Motion Graphics Videos

Beyond the examples highlighted earlier, below are additional remarkable motion graphic campaigns worth reviewing:

  • The bright colors and moving images of Cisco Secure Client’s video are aimed to grab the viewer’s interest right away and leave a lasting memory.
  • This is a great example of how motion graphics can be used to teach people. Thanks to this video, even someone who knows nothing about sports can understand how the UEFA Nations League functions. If your business deals with complex topics, the use of motion graphics can be a very helpful tool.
  • FreshBooks makes managing finances easier, saves time and lessens worry during tax time. It’s a great example of motion graphics which is punchy and effective.


Some of the examples not previously mentioned include Apple’s product release videos, Spotify’s year in review animations, and Google’s Doodle videos. These brands effectively use animated motion graphics to engage and inform their audience, showcasing how graphics are a great way to capture attention in content marketing.

Some common guerrilla marketing mistakes to avoid are not understanding your target audience, neglecting to obtain necessary permits for public installations, overestimating the shock value without adding value to the brand, and not having a clear call to action.

You can come up with creative guerrilla marketing ideas by thinking outside the box, understanding your audience’s preferences and behaviors, leveraging current trends and technologies, collaborating with local artists or influencers, and constantly seeking inspiration from various sources.

Motion graphics in advertising are evolving with technology through the introduction of advanced software and tools that allow for more complex and detailed animations. This technological advancement has enabled motion designers to push the boundaries of creativity, producing videos with intricate graphics and visual effects that were once thought impossible. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more innovative use of motion graphics in advertising.

The Wrap Up

Hopefully the 9 examples and tips in this article have inspired your next video marketing campaigns. Follow the best practices to craft compelling motion graphics that captivate viewers. Partner with specialist motion design teams if needed to produce breakthrough animated video ads.

The stunning visual medium provides unmatched versatility to engage modern audiences. Let these remarkable examples motivate you to incorporate exceptional motion graphics across your 2024 digital marketing. Captivate consumers and drive results with creative motion design across platforms.

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