For design and marketing professionals, having the right laptop accessories can make a huge difference in productivity, comfort, and overall workflow. The laptop itself is just the beginning – building out your mobile workstation with useful add-ons can take your work to the next level.

In this post, we’ll look at 13 must-have laptop accessories that no designer or marketer should be without. We’ll cover everything from stands and hubs to help you create an ergonomic workstation anywhere, to bags and sleeves for keeping your laptop safe on the go.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, web developer, digital marketer or anything in between, these laptop accessories will help you get more done and stay comfortable no matter where you’re working.

List of 15 Essential Laptop Accessories:

  1. Laptop stand – improve ergonomics and airflow
  2. Adjustable Laptop Desk
  3. USB-C hub – connect peripherals and accessories
  4. External monitor – extra screen real estate
  5. Wireless keyboard and mouse – work comfortably anywhere
  6. Laptop sleeve – protect your device when traveling
  7. High-quality Webcam
  8. Webcam cover – ensure privacy
  9. Headphones – tune out distractions
  10. Laptop backpack – safely transport everything
  11. External hard drive – extra storage and backup
  12. Laptop cooling pad – prevent overheating
  13. Portable battery pack – stay powered up anywhere
  14. Laptop docking station – seamless home/office setup
  15. Mouse pad – optimize tracking and comfort

Now let’s dive into the details on each must-have laptop accessory:

1. Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand

Using a laptop stand is one of the most useful accessories for improving ergonomics and comfort when using your new laptop for extended periods.

By elevating your laptop, a stand to bring your screen closer to eye level, helps reduce neck and shoulder pain from hunching over.

Stands also allow for better laptop cooling by improving airflow underneath. This prevents your laptop from overheating during processor-intensive tasks like video editing or 3D modeling.

Some popular options include:

  • Rain Design mStand: An elegant aluminum stand that’s stable yet portable. It raises your laptop by 5.5 inches for better ergonomics.
  • Nulaxy Adjustable Laptop Stand: This inexpensive stand is height adjustable and has an open vented design for optimal cooling. It folds flat for traveling.
  • Roost Laptop Stand: This uniquely designed stand pops out and extends when you need it, retracting flat when not in use. It’s made of lightweight carbon fiber material.

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
Roost$75 – $90
Nexstand$30 – $40
AmazonBasics$20 – $30
*Check retailers for latest prices

2. Adjustable Laptop Desk

Laptop Desk

And for those days you want to work from the comfort of your couch or bed a suitable desk setup can still be an option. A laptop desk offers an ergonomic solution.

Key Benefits

  • Accommodates laptops of different sizes
  • Provides a stable, comfortable surface
  • Portable and foldable for easy storage

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
Nnewvante$30 – $60
Lavolta$35 – $65
Avantree$25 – $60
*Check retailers for latest prices

3. USB-C Hub


As laptops get thinner, manufacturers continue removing legacy ports like USB-A, HDMI, and SD card slots. That’s where a USB-C hub comes in handy – allowing you to connect all your peripherals and accessories to your laptop’s limited USB-C ports.

Look for a USB-C hub with at least 3-4 USB 3.0 ports, an SD/microSD card reader, and HDMI output. The Anker PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 USB-C Hub is a perfect choice with all key ports covered.

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
Anker$25 – $40
Satechi$40 – $80
Aukey$18 – $50
*Check retailers for latest prices

4. External Monitor

External Monitor

For designers, photographers, and video editors, having a second (or even third) monitor can massively improve productivity. The extra screen real estate lets you have tools/palettes on one display while you work on the other.

You can even use the external screen as your main one and your laptop as a second monitor.

When choosing an external monitor for your laptop, look for an IPS panel for good color reproduction, and a resolution of QHD (2560×1440) or 4K if within budget. The Dell UltraSharp 27 USB-C Hub Monitor checks all boxes.

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
ASUS$150 – $200
ViewSonic$120 – $160
AOC$100 – $140
*Check retailers for latest prices

5. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The keyboard and touchpad built into your laptop get the job done, but using them for prolonged periods can cause hand and wrist pain. An ergonomic wireless keyboard and mouse allows you to work more comfortably while also giving you more precision.

Logitech makes excellent wireless peripherals like the MX Keys keyboard and MX Master 3 mouse that pair easily via Bluetooth. This gives you a fully-functional workstation anywhere.

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
Logitech$30 – $100
Microsoft$25 – $80
HP$20 – $40
*Check retailers for latest prices

6. Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve

A laptop sleeve is essential for protecting your device from scratches, dents, and dirt when transporting it. Neoprene and other padded sleeves cushion your laptop from bumps and impacts.

Look for a sleeve with durable outer material like ballistic nylon. The Incase ICON Laptop Sleeve has a sporty design and extra padding to safeguard laptops up to 15-inches.

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
Incase$20 – $80
Case Logic$15 – $50
Tomtoc$15 – $50
*Check retailers for latest prices

7. High-quality Webcam


For remote meetings, presentations, or video marketing—upgrade your laptop’s webcam with one that captures clear, detailed visuals.

Key Benefits

  • Offers superior video quality compared to built-in webcams
  • Comes equipped with a built-in microphone for clear audio
  • Easy to install and compatible with popular video conferencing platforms

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
Logitech$50 – $200
NexiGo$40 – $160
Razer$65 – $150
*Check retailers for latest prices

8. Webcam Cover

Webcam Cover

Laptop webcams are prone to hacking, making a webcam cover a must for privacy and security. The micro-thin sliding lens cover by CloudValk sticks over your webcam to block peeping eyes until you need to use it.

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
C-Slide$5 – $10
EYSOFT$5 – $10
Trobing$5 – $10
*Check retailers for latest prices

9. Headphones

Headphones while working

Noise-canceling headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM4 are invaluable for creative work, blocking out ambient sounds so you can focus. For calls and video chats, a headset with a microphone like the Jabra Evolve 75 does the trick.

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
Bose$120 – $400
Sony$100 – $350
JBL$60 – $200
*Check retailers for latest prices

10. Laptop Backpack

Laptop Backpack

A purpose-designed laptop backpack keeps your device secure while giving you space for other essentials like chargers, an external mouse, and notebooks when on-the-go.

The Incase ICON Backpack has a padded laptop compartment and plenty of pockets and slots for organizing your accessories and smaller items.

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
Samsonite$50 – $150
Timbuk2$75 – $200
The North Face$40 – $100
*Check retailers for latest prices

11. External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive or SSD serves two important purposes: providing extra storage for large project files, and backing up your important data. Portable drives like the Samsung T7 SSD are super fast and durable.

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
WD$50 – $150
Seagate$55 – $170
LaCie$70 – $300
*Check retailers for latest prices

12. Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop cooling pads pull double duty – preventing your laptop from overheating while also providing an ergonomic tilt for a more comfortable typing angle. They have built-in fans that circulate air under your laptop.

The Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad has three adjustable height settings and extra USB ports for connecting accessories.

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
Cooler Master$25 – $50
Havit$20 – $40
Targus$30 – $60
*Check retailers for latest prices

13. Portable Battery Pack

Portable Battery Pack

Running out of battery life when you’re on the go can mean lost productivity. An external battery pack like the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 can mean guaranteed long battery life. It can charge your laptop on-the-go, adding up to 12 extra hours of power. It’s not bulky and slim enough to fit in your bag. It even works with mac laptops!

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
Anker$70 – $100
Baseus$50 – $80
Goal Zero$150 – $300
Nimble$70 – $100
Energizer$50 – $100
AC Outlet$100 – $110
*Check retailers for latest prices

14. Laptop Docking Station

Laptop Docking Station

At your home or office workstation, a laptop docking station is incredibly useful. It allows you to connect your laptop to multiple desktop peripherals like monitor(s), keyboard, external storage etc. with a single cable.

The Dell D6000 Universal Dock provides seamless desktop connectivity with just one cable between dock and laptop.

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
Monoprice$90 – $150
Belkin$130 – $200
Dell$90 – $150
j5create$60 – $100
*Check retailers for latest prices

15. Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad

Don’t underestimate the importance of a quality mousepad for precision and comfort when using your external laptop mouse. The Corsair MM300 Extended Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad has a textured weave optimized for accurate cursor tracking.

Pricing Options

BrandPrice Range
Belkin$2 – $7.99
Insignia$20 – $29.99
SteelSeries$28.99 – $29.99
Corsair$20.99 – $29.99
*Check retailers for latest prices

What Are Laptop Accessories?

Laptop accessories are hardware add-ons and peripherals that enhance the usefulness, productivity, and protection of your laptop computer. Examples being protecting the laptop screen, laptop touchpads and laptop lid.

They expand your laptop’s capabilities and connectivity, while also making it more ergonomic and comfortable for prolonged use.

From stands and keyboards to bags and docking stations, laptop accessories optimize your laptop for portability as well as transform it into a full desktop workstation. With the right accessories tailored to your needs, you can achieve the perfect mobile setup for design, marketing or any type of work.

Why Use Laptop Accessories?

There are many benefits to accessorizing your laptop workstation:

  • Improve Ergonomics: Stands, separate keyboards/mice reduce strain from laptop use.
  • Increase Productivity: Extra ports, screens and peripherals make you more efficient.
  • Enhance Portability: Bags and sleeves allow easy transport of laptop and accessories.
  • Protect Investment: Cases and sleeves prevent drops, dings and liquid damage.
  • Power Anywhere: External batteries enable use without a wall outlet.
  • Cooling and Longevity: Pads and stands improve airflow and prevent overheating.
  • Get Advanced Features: Docks provide capabilities not built into laptops.
  • Workspace Flexibility: Create full workstations anywhere – at home, office or on the go.

For designers and marketers who rely on their laptop performance, the right accessories are a wise investment towards improved productivity, organization and output quality.

My Experience Using These Accessories

As a digital designer and freelance content creator for the past 8+ years, I’ve tested a wide variety of laptop accessories to build my ideal mobile workstation.

The laptop stand, external monitor, and wireless mouse/keyboard make a world of difference in my home office setup. I’m able to work for hours without neck, shoulder or wrist pain.

When meeting clients or working remotely, my laptop sleeve, battery pack and over-ear headphones let me stay productive anywhere. I can tune out noise, have enough power for 6+ hours, and not worry about my laptop taking a spill.

The right accessories truly enable me to leverage my laptop’s capabilities fully. I can work seamlessly from home, coffee shops, or shared workspaces. Everything I need fits neatly into my backpack.

By carefully selecting accessories optimized for my needs as a designer, I’ve been able to take my workflow completely mobile without sacrificing comfort or productivity.


When buying a laptop, there are several accessories that can enhance your experience. Consider investing in a protective case or sleeve to keep your laptop safe during transport. An external mouse and keyboard can provide increased comfort and productivity.

An external hard drive is essential for backing up important files or storing large amounts of data.

Lastly, a USB-C hub or docking station can expand the number of ports available on your laptop.

Looking to enhance your new laptop? Consider these essential accessories for improved productivity.

Protect your laptop with a case or sleeve, back up files with an external hard drive or cloud storage, use a wireless mouse or keyboard for better ergonomics, and invest in a portable laptop stand for improved comfort.

To enhance your laptop experience, consider these essential accessories. First, protect your device with a sturdy case or sleeve.

Next, ensure you have enough storage by using an external hard drive or cloud service.

For easy navigation, invest in a comfortable mouse or trackpad.

Lastly, expand your connectivity options with a USB hub.

The Wrap Up

Choosing the right accessories tailored to your needs can take your laptop from ordinary to extraordinary. With the must-haves detailed above, designers, marketers and other mobile professionals can build the perfect workstation for their unique workflows.

Just remember – keyboard, mouse, stand, hub, monitor, battery pack, headphones/mic, and protective cases or bags are the core accessories that enable seamless productivity anywhere.

With the remote work era here to stay, smart laptop accessorizing is one of the best investments you can make.

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